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Your Pets second best friend

Green Eyed Cat

About Me

I love ALL animals and have 20 plus years of experience working with them. Over this time i have developed a special interest in cats. I hold a CERTIFICATE IN FELINE FRIENDLY NURSING along with my CERTIFICATE IV in VETERINARY NURSING.  I am constantly updating my knowledge base to educate myself on all things feline. You can trust me to provide a safe comfortable and healthy environment for your furry feline friend. Whether it’s simply, coming by to feed them, or providing regular company, dependant on what your cat needs My service will be personalised, to suit your cat, with the aid of my cat care plan. I’ll watch over your cat as if it were my own.

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An introduction to us

 Scaredee Cats & Co Pet Nanny

Scaredee Cats Cat Nanny started on March the 14th 2018. I saw a need, to provide a service which would allow cats to stay at home rather than go into a cattery environment, when their owners went away for work or holidays.  In my Veterinary Nursing career I have observed and learnt the many ways that cats manifest stress, with a major stress for some cats being removed from their home and placed into a cattery with strange smells, sounds, sights and worst  of all...OTHER CATS.  Not all cats are the tough, resilient, carefree little souls that many internet memes would have us believe. So I am here to address that and create a trusting, friendly working relationship with these cats and their owners.  Scince 2018 i have opened this business up to other small animals as there has been a growing interest in this type of care being available to other species as well so we have morphed into Scaredee Cats & Co Pet Nanny.

So Welcome new clients and for my foundation clients the service will remain as exceptional as it always has been. 

Regards Sam

Serious Stuff

Other Contacts

As you know, i'm still a practicing Vet Nurse.  I am providing contact details to my clinic if you want to take a look at them as this will be the default clinic that I would take your furry friend to, if I cant get an appointment with your own cats trusted veterinary team

Serious Kitten

Fun and Facts

Feline Facts

Cats need stimulation and environmental enrichment strategies, particularly our indoor friends. They should have a total of 30 minutes of interactive playtime with you and a toy each day.  Cats can loose interest pretty quickly so its best to break this play into 3 x 10 minute blocks.

Feline Friend

Because all cats are created equal

Feline Adoption

Beautiful Gray Cat
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