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Introducing my pets - Turtle- Scaredeecats Cat Nanny Professional tailored home visits cats in the Y

The funny thing about cat people is they also like dogs.. Many dog people are more like..”Arrgghh cats, disgusting vermin, I hate cats” Any way, out here at Cat Nanny Cottage In the YARRA VALLEY, there’s two dogs that reside here, Turtle and CeCe. Tonight I’m going to introduce Turtle

So Turti came to me about a bazillion years ago.. which is the equivelant to the blink of the eye. I look at her now and she’s suddenly aged, she’s old, she’s stiff and worst of all she seems sore. So she sees Dr Drew the osteopath from “Two and Four Osteopathy, to help with her old lady, arthritis problems, (Drew is also happy to treat cats). and she seems, in my personal opinion, vastly more comfortable.

ANYWAY.... Turtle seems to understand everything I say, even the stuff I don’t say out loud, she immediately responds to the look on my face, if she reads that I’m happy, she wants to play a game, if she reads that I’m sad, she wants to give me a cuddle... if she reads that I’m cranky... she stands and stares at me 1/2 wagging her tail, waiting for me to remember “how much I love her and, if I simply pick her up, life will be much better for me”, she’s always right...I’m not ashamed to say that “Turti, (a dog) is my bestest buddy in the whole world” Turti and I have been through so much life together and she’s the apple of my eye... (don’t tell my sons... or Milla).

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