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Scaredeecats Cat Nanny Professional tailored home visits cats in the Yarra Valley My Pets - Milla

I thought i might introduce my pets. Today ill introduce my cat, Milla also known as Millsy, Manilla Vanilla, Manill and when shes in trouble she gets her full name, which is Milla Ivana Ivanka Vlad. Milla is a Russian Blue and i adopted her a number of years ago, when her previous owner went into care. She was surrendered at the clinic where i work and we rehomed her a couple of times to good prospective homes. Milla is a gentle giant and as the new homes already had cats, these cats didn't take to Milla "the intruder" and so she got beaten up by the top cats in thoses homes, on each occasion she was returned to the clinic. We decided she would need to go into a home with no other cats. Anyway the clinic continued to present her to potential new fur families, but she was rejected for various reasons, too old, wanted a kitten, wrong colour etc etc.

At that time I didn't have a cat, as my last old girl, Piddy had recently died. One morning i was lying in bed with Piddy when i found a teeny lump on her. I took her to work and the lump was examined. It was considered a bit weird, so we did an ultrasound and discovered she was riddled with spots, We took some biopsies and got the results of an aggressive type cancer that had advanced so far already that there was nothing i could do. So i took her home and cared for her palliatively, until she crossed to the rainbow bridge.

I fought the urge to take Milla home, for a couple of weeks, by telling myself "i always want to adopt everything that comes through the clinic doors, i don't need another animal, I'm downsizing the fur family, i don't need the expense of another pet" Then i took her home, to a house with no other cats, where she happily rules the roost, she puts the dogs in their place and sits happily in the sunshine on the kitchen table and is loved to within an inch of her life.

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