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Visiting Daisy-Providing tailored options other than cat boarding, catteries, home visits, for cats

When I met Daisy it was a cold and gloomy afternoon... I knocked on the door, her mum Nicky greeted me and so did Daisy... thundering up the long hall and plonking her ample butt on the floorboards in front of me...

Her mum and I had a cuppa and discussed all things Cat

(one of my favourite subjects). Daisy took her position on the blanket next to me, I patted her and she “fake slept”... I know she was really tuning into the “intruder in her home”. After an hour or so... I left Daisy, (fake sleeping) and came home.

First day..

Popped the key in the door, warily edge the door open, survey the long hall way to detect Daisy... and there she is sitting right at my feet...

I reach down to pat her and she smells my hand, she offers it a head butt and then zig zags down the hall with her tail flip flapping in the air behind her. I follow her down to the living area, I find a ping pong ball and we play..

I make myself a cuppa and sit on the couch, she sits with me on her blanky, we watch some T.V together, well i'm watching, she's sussing the intruder... It’s time for me to take off my cat nanny hat and put on my mum hat... I explain to her that I have to go and as if she knows what I’m saying, she trots off up the hall and disappears into her mums room.


Oopsie a little surprise... poor Daisy has had a little diahorrea... I run through my head reasons why... I eliminate food and illness and realise it’s probably stress... I make a mental note, that if it goes on for longer than 24 hours... it’s off to the vets... in the mean time I take away her wet food and still keep her bickies down (even though I really wanted to take them, but she doesn't have much goingon to stimulate her right now).

I go buy a roast chook and give her the white meat off that instead and cross my fingers “I’m meowing up the right tree” . On my second visit for the day, I run to the bathroom to look for diahorrea... nope nothing... “phew”bought along my crochet and we sit on the couch and watch Tele and crochet together... well... I crochet... she fake sleeps next to me.

Day 5

Bring Scott with me on the pm visit to play cat tails and roll ping pong balls for her. I do believe that Daisy is feeling very happy, she’s being occupied, stimulated and exercised. Apart from being a very convincing fake sleeper, I know she’s also inquisitive and active... she hunts and chases the cat tail toy. He gives her a few little treats and he laughs a lot. She plays with him for about 20 mins and then comes and jumps on the couch for a snuggle with me :)...

Day 7

Open the door... thud thud up the hall she’s happy to see me and she follows me around the kitchen while I make my cuppa, I give her some treats and we have a beautiful pat while I wait for the kettle to boil.. I roll her ping pong balls for her and while she persues her ping pong prey, I stash some treats around for her to find after iv'e left, I hope it helps to occupy her, when I can’t be there.

Last visit

I’m always a bit sad on my final visit cause I know our cute little bond will be broken, but I’m happy for the cats cause I know their lives a returning to normal for them. Their routine is coming back, they can go outside if they’re allowed outside, (cause i don't let them out), their best buddy is coming home, normality and their regular attention is returning but I do hope they remember me for when I come next time :) Thank you for accepting me so willingly into your life Miss Daisy... your a real sweetie ❌

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