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Visiting Lewis -Providing tailored options other than cat boarding & catteries. Home visits, for

Lewis’s folks went off to sunny QLD and Lewis got to stay home, and be in charge of everything. So he told mum and dad that he’d be a very good boy and not entertain while they were gone. But while I was there I noticed this little black n white face peering through the window at me… Lewis seemed to be entertaining the neighbours. So, as the story goes...Black n white used to live next door with a cat hoarder... the cat hoarder moved and left the cats behind.. fortunately all the cats were rehomed including this fella… Even though Black n white insists on hanging around Lewis’s house, he has his own home right around the corner. Black n white would often intercept me on my visits to Lewis and would get the first pat... RUDE... but as i am who i am, its very difficult to step over a friendly cat, as i often face rejection from my feline loves... Lewis is a very social little man, he was always right under my feet… smooching… and making me feel very special, he wanted big looong pats… so long infact, id have to lie on the floor with him while he smooched up my entire side and id often end up with his bum in my face and his head in my hands… until he would run off and stare at his food bowl. He had self feeders (hence his roundish figure) but he loved it when the food got shaken out and filled his bowl, he also has the best cat litter ive ever come across (22years of vet nursing) and ive forgotten the brand.. but ill see if I can find out and let all you cataholics know what it is. So you can all experience the joy of changing this type of litter. Well its meow for now Sam 🐱🐾💖

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