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Introducing my pets-CeCe- Scaredee Cats Cat Nanny Professional, tailored home visits, cats in the Ya

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter Sunday and are enjoying the multiple days off. The Easter bunny came to Cat Nanny Cottage in the Yarra Valley, and had to hide the eggs up high due to sticky beak little dog noses that can smell out anything good within a 2km radius. One of those little dog noses belongs to my other dog CeCe, so here’s a story about her.

CeCe is also referred to as CeCe wee wee, CeCe Rider, Wheezy and Wheezy bear, she’s about 12 and suffers from being over joyed.

I first laid eyes on CeCe when she was about 6 weeks old... I wanted her SOOOO SO bad... I always enquired after her and always said “well think of me if you ever need to rehome her”. Her owner would laugh in my face and assure me it would never happen. Well one day I got the call “Can you take CeCe she’s a chronic barker and sets off the other dogs, we’ve done all we can” (and they had, but to no avail). So I took her in, with open arms. OMG be careful what you wish for.

Immediately she started my Turti barking.. She barks at people walking past, she barks at strangers, she barks at friends, she barks at noises, she barks at the washing machine, she barks at moths, she barks at the T.V, she barks at the washing on the line, she barks at bugs, at wind, at clouds at ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING....

She gets into mischief and lots of it, there are countless mischief stories mostly concerning food... One time I had a friends 21st birthday cake in the car, As well as CeCe.... BAD... We checked the cake at the Bakery and all was fine, we got it home and lifted the lid again to show it to someone else... OMG... WTH has happened to the cake.... (luckily it wasn't the official 21st birthday cake). She managed to get the lid up on the box and lick the icing off it and have a few nibbles on the edge, she didn’t care why we were telling her off.. she grabbed a toy and started chucking it in the air and racing about the house with it.

The naughty stories about CeCe are endless, but if I tried to recount these here, I’d need to get a publisher... Sometimes she ditches me to go home with one of my colleagues... she’s such a turncoat.

CeCe also brings LOVE and JOY to every single persons’ life she touches (as long as they can get past her barking). She is the funniest dog alive, she always reminds me to just be happy, everything is going to be alright...cause she’s here. She is Wonderful and joyous and beautiful and I still love her, the same as when I first saw her

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