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Scardeecats’ Cat Nanny - First Visit - Professional, tailored home visits cats in the Yarra Valley

Part of the process of booking in with Scaredeecats Cat Nanny is that I ask clients to print my personalised cat care plan... that may seem annoying.. but for my first job.. it had some details about the cats that I forgot during the meet n greet a week earlier, however as I had re read the cat plan in the car before I went in, I remembered a particular thing... cat treats=ham :) My first visit was to Magic and Mysty... Magic is a 6kg larger than life dog cat, his life motto would be “IN YO FACE HOOMAN”.. Mysty on the other hand is the complete opposite. At the meet N greet.. Magic was busting his chops to say hi.. I put my hand down to pat him and he started licking my fingers and rubbing his face all over me.. he wanted to know everything I was doing Mysty, on the other hand, I got a fleeting glimpse of as she bolted out of the cupboard and disappeared down the stairs... Their mum assured me that that fleeting glimpse was probably the only time I would see her... forward to first visit... As soon as the key hit the door Magic was meowing from the otherside. I had to poke my foot through to gently shepherd him away, just in case he made a bolt out the door. Once inside I sat on the floor and let him check me out, he rubbed his face and body on me and I pat him back and talked quietly too him. Then I went and got him some ham out of the fridge... He thudded down the hall behind me when I refilled the food and water. He followed me about as I looked around for Mysty, I didn’t try too hard to find her because I wanted her to feel secure where ever she was. I left a piece of cloth with some artificial cat happy pheromones on it hooked in the bottom of the stair railing, hoping it might make her feel a little more relaxed that there had been an intruder in the house. When I left I gave Magic some ham to distract him from me leaving, I made a clean get away :) Day 2 As I sat on the floor with Magic, around the corner appeared Mysty.. I gently called her and she hesitantly came up the hall to me.. eventually she was close enough for me to pat her, she reciprocated by rubbing me back, I was able to get a couple of photos of her (which I hadn’t been able to do with Magic cause he’s so “IN YO FACE HOOMAN”) after some time I gave them both some ham and went about my business... I noticed some goldfish, so I gave them a sprinkle, The cloth that I’d left had been dislodged from the railing and was 1/2 way down the hall... So I picked it up and gave it a spray with the pheremone and hooked it back into the railing. I remembered there was a tomato plant on the front verandah so I thought I’d water that too as it was a hot weekend. I reappeared in the front room and Mysty was like “What the hell, who are you” and took off down the hall. Magic was all “hey lady where have you been all my life, pat me... my parents are paying you to pat me” so I did.. I grabbed a little jug and as I was filling it with water, I looked up and could see Mysty sitting in the window at the far end of the house watching me.. I gave Magic some ham so I could get out the door and water the tomato plant.. when it was time for me to leave, Magic was sitting happily in the middle of the floor giving himself a clean up looking very contented. Final day Key in the door... meow meow MEOW MEEOOWWWW... I come in and sit on the little chair... Magic winds himself around my legs, climbs up me and head butts my arm pit.. within seconds I see golden eyes peer at me down the hall... then pad pad pad, up the hall and over the baby gate... and there was the mysterious and appropriately named Mysty.. she was Chirping and came straight up to me for some SCAREDEE CATS CAT NANNY patting and conversation. When they lost interest I moved and sat on the floor, they both came running back for some more.. When they lost interest in me again.. I got them some ham and went about my business. Mysty ate her ham and followed me, I took the water bowl and refilled it, I came back down the hall and I could see she was panicking a little... so I slowed down and gave her time to escape.. she ran 1/2 way up the stairs where she stopped to see what I was doing (putting down the water bowl). Then she bolted back to her safe place upstairs... when I left Magic, was laying in the sun shining through the window. 🐾

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