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Introducing my Pets-Banjo-Scaredee Cats’ Cat Nanny Professional tailored home visits cats in the Yar

Out here at Cat Nanny Cottage in the Yarra Valley, we also have a Rainbow Lorikeet, he started out life as a boy but recently he laid an egg and we all know boys can’t do that... so I’ll introduce Banjo.. Banjo was handed to me by a young girl in a crumpled up tissue, over the counter at my work. I thought “ewww, I don’t want to touch your tissue, can’t you put it in the bin? Gawd I hope that doesn’t have a booger in it”... (anyone who knows me, knows I don’t do Boogers) none the less, I smiled and extended my hand...The girl then said “could you look after this little bird I found”? “Phew” I thought... I opened up the tissue and he was this little bare chick only wearing some ants... I said “I’ll give it a go, but it’s pretty young” So she left it with me. First I syringed it some warm water with honey, Immediately it threw its neck up in the air and opened its oversized beak for more. So I filled it up with honey water and examined it’s beak, I figured it was some kind of parrot and I was really hoping it was an African Grey, but I kinda figured it wouldn’t be one of those.. I took it home to Cat Nanny Cottage in the Yarra Valley. Soon it’s pin feathers started to form and guess what? They were grey... I had a fleeting glimmer of hope for my African Grey, I kept my fingers crossed for the next couple of days. Soon the grey pin feathers turned purple and green and then I knew it was going to be a squarking little Rainbow Lorikeet. While he was young and figuring out he was a bird he was quite affectionate but the older he got the meaner he got and now to feed him I have to put on my chain mail suit and jousting stick to enter his aviary... but once I leave he starts blowing me kisses and wolf whistling at me... When I lived in Alice Springs (many moons ago) I hand reared loads of amazing species of birds and would hand them over to the experts after a certain period so they wouldn’t imprint on me. I do not advocate taking an animal from the wild and keeping it as they should be out in the environment.. unfortunately this little guy imprinted faster than I anticipated and wasn’t given the correct training to be released back into the wild... Anyway.. here we are 4 years later and Banjo is probably the fattest little Lori in the Yarra Valley.

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