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Out here at Cat Nanny Cottage in the Yarra Valley I spend a lot of time patting my own cat and thinking about cat health. Milla is one of those cats who needs Professional Tailored cat visits, as she suffers badly from stress related illness. I want to talk briefly about Feline Idiopathic Cystitis or FIC... FIC presents just like a Urinary Tract Infection or UTI. However FIC has no obvious medical reason. (Idiopathic means there is no known source for the illness/disease). FIC is only established once the correct tests have been carried out to rule out a medical reason, such as bacteria or a metabolic disorder. When these illnesses have been ruled out, FIC can then often be established by the presentation of the urination problem in your cat. What we need to do then is establish the cause of the stress.

There are many ways that stress can present itself, such as:

Inappropriate Urination


Over grooming


Inappetence (not eating).

Amongst many other behavourial manifestastions.

Stress manifests for many reasons, new cats in the neighborhood, building next door, new carpet, the list for reasons why is also endless.

If your cats behavior suddenly changes or they have developed unusual urination problems, they need to be assessed by your veterinary team and have the problem diagnosed.

This website is a wonderful resource for cat owners they have a wonderful cat owners magazine that you can sign up to for free,

but it’s not a diagnosis, your vet team needs to do the diagnosing.

Thank you All Snouts Pet Photography for the photo

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