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Visiting Monty-Providing tailored options other than cat boarding, catteries, home visits, for cats

On the 30th of the 4th ( my dads birthday RIP).

I had a meet n greet with a Tabby by the name of Monty... I also had the pleasure of meeting Bodhi... a 14 year old dog. He has a great little wiggle in his butt end and a twinkle in his shiny little eyes... I’m not sure if he was excited about me or the massive lamb chop he had in his mouth.

Poor old Monty wasn’t so excited....It wasn’t much of a meet n greet... as I suspected, soon as the door opened for me to say hello to him, he gave me dilated pupils, dropped down as low as he could and made like a hairy snake... outta there and under a tiny space under the bed in the next bedroom.

My first visit...

Bodhi.. wandered up to the front door and said Hi, wagging his butt and shining his eyes at me... he was waiting eagerly for his babysitter.... Monty....gave me nothing.... fed, watered, removed poop.. sat on the floor, chatted with Bodhi... left.

2nd visit...

No Bodhi.... I chattered quietly to a seemingly empty house... the food bowls were empty... was it Bodhi or was it Monty... I sat in the hall, no clues to Monties’ hide out... I crawled into the bedroom next door and looked under the bed... not I backed out I noticed the cupboard door was a jar... I pushed it open... nope no Monty... after a gentle, not to intrusive scan I found him hiding under the dining table... so I sat on the floor and chatted with him from a distance... he didn’t make eye contact with me... he didn’t want me there.. I organised his tea and showed it too him... he looked at it... smelled it.. then hissed at it... so I took it and put it in the bathroom... hopefully it’s gone by the morning.... fingers crossed.

Day 3

Morning visit... Sitting under the dining room table, making his ample self invisible behind a chair leg, pretending I wasn’t there... I dropped him a stinky fish treat... he smelt it, then gave it the same treatment he’s been giving me, taking up his regal stance, behind the chair leg again... I sat and chatted in some puss puss language, that he wasn’t interested in... and then I went about my business.

PM visit : TOUCHDOWN.... it took sometime, I offered him some bickies under the dining table as he glared at me from the chair... he hissed, but took the morsels anyway... then he dropped one and hopped down to get it... he let me get in one of those face down in my hand, bum up, I’m a cat having a lovely time pats... then he rolled his head towards me.... saw it was me... and jumped back on the dining chair... PAT OVER... I tricked him into another pat on the chair with some more bickies, but decided not to push him harder... back away.... do my job... COME ON MONTY COME TO ME ❤️

Day 4

I opened the door this afternoon and i heard Thud, as paws hit the floor in the dining room, I thought "is he coming to me'.... No....He slithered past me stopping briefly and looking at me over his shoulder with one paw off the ground. Then dissapearing into the bed room.

I decided to give him a break from me today.. so i sat on the floor for a little bit and read my Facebook News Feed out loud incase there was anything there he might like. I got his dinner organised and was squatting in the bathroom emptying them into his bowl...When in he came bold as brass, like i'd known him scince he was a weeny kit.. He rubbed across my back and around my knees and then stuck his head in his bowl, i stayed and pat him. I got up to empty his litter tray... he looked up at me from his food bowl and once again his facial recognition technology let him down... he took off out of the bathroom like Usain Bolt, thud thud thud across the kitchen and up onto a dining chair.


I was hopeful after our foodie, love in last night, that Monty would embrace me today... GUESS WHAT... NOPE... I let him have his space... I sat on the floor... and read him my Facebook feed again... he walked past me like I wasn’t there...he went into the bathroom and had a look at his food bowls... both empty still... he came out and threw me a look that I interpreted as... “STOP READING... GET MY BREAKFAST”... and he disappeared into the spare I answered the scathing glance... by getting food...

I look after him again next week... so I hope he remembers how much I need him to love me :) and im really busting to see the FULL MONTY

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