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TOYS.. feeding toys, help with monitoring food intake and environmental enrichment

TOYS TOYS TOYS... Toys are so important in the lives of our pets, ESPECIALLY when your away from home for extended periods of time. Food puzzles are a good way to distract our pets and stimulate them to use their brains. They can help decrease destructive behaviour, such as digging in the back yard🐕, feather plucking for birds🦜 and cats can display behaviour such as over grooming🙀. Lets not forget that feather plucking and overgrooming can also be associated with illness and so it might be worth a trip to the vet, to rule out any other cause.

Its important when using food puzzles to be sure to include the rewards in their daily calorie count so as not to promote weight gain⚖. Food puzzles from the pet shop can be expensive but i think they are worth the investment however keep in mind there are plenty of ideas on the internet for cheap effective home made foraging toys. Quite often i will wrap a piece of kibble in some torn up paper towel and hide them around the house, for my cats to find and if im in a bigger hurry ill just strategically chuck them around the house and when i come home, they're all gone... the treats are gone.. not the cats 🤣

Kong do a good range of boredom busting pet toys, have a look around and see what fits in your budget, theres plenty of toys around to help the fuzz n featherballs while away the hours at home, when your out.🐾


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