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Visiting Leo-Providing tailored options other than cat boarding, catteries, home visits, for cats in

Its s very brisk and chilly Sunday night out here at Cat Nanny Cottage in the yarra valley and im wanting to share a story about Leo, A gorgeous, ginger boy i was visiting last week. Initially he wanted to be my friend... my first 2 days consisted of him... trying really hard to hang around for a pat.. interspersed with him running away out of arms reach and glaring at me.. with a disgusted tone...

By Day 3... he decided I wasn’t his cup of tea after all and he went into hiding... so on my visits I chatted with and looked after Birdie the Cockatiel instead.

Not seeing Leo was kind of disturbing, if my visits were based on having to sight one of my little cherubs... then I should of been calling the pound looking for him.

However based on the fact that when I went in the toilet roll had being shredded, the food bowl was being sucked dry and there was poop and wee in the litter tray, I wasn’t overly concerned about his where abouts...

I didn’t go looking for him, cause I knew if he wanted me to find him, he would make it simple.

I hoped he’d change his mind about me, but if he was going too, it’d be under his own steam. So my hands were tied, I had to be content with visiting his wee, poo, the empty bowls, birdie and the exploding toilet roll.

On my second last visit, I pulled in the drive and I could see a little ginger face watching me through the window... I sidled in the door to block him if he tried to escape... and I sat on the floor... immediately he was all over me like a bad case of chicken pox, he couldn’t get enough of me... I quietly patted and chatted with him about what a silly billy he’d been, he could of had all of this right from the beginning... he took on his very important job of hallway chaperone... making sure I didn’t have to navigate the hallway by myself anymore, he helped me empty the litter box by giving me a back scratch as I scooped his poop... he jumped on the bench and head butted my hands as I chose what he was having for tea....I just hope he remembers me for next time.

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