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Out here at Cat Nanny Cottage in the Yarra Valley, I’ve noticed, as I drive home in the evenings, that the days are getting longer...

I get to enjoy the blueness of the hills ahead of me, set against dark grey skies and sunlight behind me glinting off the vineyards and paddocks, next to me are Wooly sheep and it won’t be long till they’re all shorn, with bubbies at their feet. Thinking about lambs naturally makes me think about my favourite baby animals... K.I.T.T.E.N.S!!!!! Then all of a sudden i felt overwhelmed, the fact that the days are getting longer signifies to me that soon, kitten season will be upon us AGAIN...

When the season takes off, undesexed females can go into season every 21 days, they can have two or three litters per season of 5- 7 kits, sometimes more!!!! that is 10- 21 cats per year for 10 years, then those Kits have Kits and WTH??? What are the shelters to do?

It is so important to highlight this issue to people who don't understand the breeding capabilities of undesexed cats, you might say "they breed like rabbits" and with our summers seeming to last longer our cats are able to produce kittens for longer.

I should know.... i have adopted one that was born at the end of Autumn (Susan Buttface) more about her in a different blog.

Please share this pic to help Cat Nanny spread awareness about the importance of desexing x

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